Make Today Matter

With the chaos of every day life sometimes it behooves us to stop for a moment and realize that we can have a positive impact on someone today.  So often we show up to our day, or events during our day, and vote “present.”  Instead we need to approach life with the attitude that we can influence change in a powerful way.  The misconception is that we can’t do it, it has to start somewhere else and I don’t have the means or ability to make a difference.  Instead we need to approach life with this:

  • I can do it!
  • I can start something that has lasting impact in the world!
  • I have the means, and if I need to acquire a skill or develop a relationship, I will do that!

Look at those whom God chose to absolutely turn the world upside down.  A bunch of nobodys, and they too thought they had zero influence on the world, how wrong they were!

Step out into the realm of faith, because FAITH WITHOUT ACTIONS IS NO FAITH AT ALL!

Make today matter!

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