Brokenness to Beauty


I love the idea of resilience and rising to the challenges that try to stop us from achieving impact in this life.  I wrote a song about my time before I was adopted and one of the lyrics is “I know so much has gone wrong, just know that I’m coming up strong.”  I am waging a war with the enemy over the lives of our own orphaned children in America.  I was one that easily could have become a statistic but a family decided to get involved and do something about my situation.

I am a huge advocate of working together to change the culture of foster care and adoption.  I am in the process of writing a book titled “Declaration of Dependence” because we need to come together and forget our theological slants and rescue the children who are suffering.  What an honor it is to be able to serve the children of our local area.  With the body of Christ coming together we can help children rise above the struggles they have endured in life and give them a platform to succeed because success is only one caring and loving person away.

The art of Kintsugi is the process of taking broken pottery and repairing it to make it more beautiful than before it was broken!  There is one thing needed in this process and that is someone to put that pot back together.  Without that person it remains a broken and quite useless pot.  The Master Potter has given us the duty to repair the broken pots in our own area.  I sometimes wonder when James says that “true religion is caring for the fatherless and widows” what we are doing?  What does that say about our formalities?  We should live to give, not live to take!  Remember the words of Gandhi “love never claims, it ever gives!”

It’s time to inspire and change lives!

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