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That song, that car, that book, there just seems to be something that brings us to a life we perceive as more simple and more sublime.  The warm feeling overwhelms us and removes our trepidation of current events and shows us that things were so much better then than now.  For me that nostalgic feeling [...]

Make Today Matter

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With the chaos of every day life sometimes it behooves us to stop for a moment and realize that we can have a positive impact on someone today.  So often we show up to our day, or events during our day, and vote "present."  Instead we need to approach life with the attitude that we [...]

Tell Our Story!

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In the history of humanity we have not seen such a growth in the knowledge surrounding how our brain works than now.  And that makes me very excited because the more we know about how our brain works the better we will be able to help people, who have experienced trauma, heal.  The truth of [...]