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Luke has experienced every angle of the foster care and adoption process.

lukeLuke endured continual abandonment and psychological neglect as a young child. He was born in a small town in Nebraska and his mother was unfit to care for him. She, however, tried her best but at the low point they ended up living in a car with an abusive felon. Luke was left with numerous caretakers during this time. He was then taken and placed in emergency foster care. His grandma took him in and he was placed in a permanent adoptive home just before he turned three years old.

Despite these humble beginnings Luke is now a foster and adoptive parent himself. He believes that each child has royalty hidden within.

“No matter what the circumstances we start life, we can change our world. I love how Tolstoy put it ‘everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change himself’.”

Telling stories from history and weaving in stories from his experiences with his own foster and adoptive children Luke brings to life the issues that foster children and foster parents face.

“We have to take what everyone fears and turn it into what everyone desires….just like the Phoenicians.”

With his exposure to both sides of the foster care and adoption issue Luke brings a unique perspective to the table. He has worked extensively with families who have lost their children to foster care and has also worked to help people search out adoptive families.

Luke’s presentations are interactive and he doesn’t just share information, he gives inspiration. Using music and illustrations Luke captivates and inspires his audience to not only question the way things are but he equips them to change things.

“I’m not here to just give you information, I’m here to give you inspiration. I want to engage my audience and deliver the best content through illustrations, stories, music and passion. I work very hard to prepare my presentations because I believe my audience is royalty and I need to treat them as such.”

Luke has spoken to foster youth, foster parents, adoptive parents, churches, social services and a variety of other settings. Luke has over ten years of experience in ministry and serves at a local homeless shelter.

“I have talked with homeless individuals who have experienced nearly 20 placements in 6 years. Now they are living in a homeless shelter. Unfortunately the trend is not improving until we crush the cycle.”

With this experience he makes plain the need for the church to engage the foster care system. His work with the church includes bridging denominational boundaries and bringing together the Body of Christ to work as a unit to change children’s lives. This includes being director of the local Royal Family Kids’ Camp which serves children in the foster care system.