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Luke Kliewer is a Christian foster care and adoption motivational speaker and is ready to inspire you.

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  • Motivational speeches

  • Inspire and engage your church

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“Heart-warming and inspiring story!”

Luke has a unique way of combining his powerful, personal story with music and inspiring content that will touch people no matter what their experience.

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What Luke can do for churches:

Churches are a wonderful place to find great families who want to engage the foster care system but so often people aren’t quite sure how to do that. Families may sign up for foster care classes but quickly get burned out by the lengthy and arduous process of fostering youth.

Luke can give your church the tools to work with foster youth in the system and, better yet, before they enter the foster care system. Hire Luke to spend a weekend with your church, or group of churches, to develop a strategy for your city that makes a lasting impact to children in need.


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